The Journey to Healing Begins Within................

New Creation Counseling is dedicated to helping believers in Christ overcome the stronghold of childhood abuse, neglect and domestic violence. Our mission is to come alongside you, take you by the hand and walk with you into the light of his presence. It is our belief that even the most hurting among us can experience joy and peace through Christ. 

"Chrysalis Christian" 

   The journey of healing from abuse, neglect and domestic violence begins within you. You can find peace,hope and healing through Christ. 

   When we focus on the world, rather than Christ we can feel as if we are being sucked down into the abyss by our past traumas and current circumstances. As we become more secure in God, we can let go of our wounds and our symptoms dissipate without the effort and guilt of the past.

Emerge Video Series

   ‚Äč"Emerge" Videos will be posted on a weekly basis, each Monday morning, starting on December 10th. These videos have been developed to give you some insight and understanding of my beliefs about healing from abuse. If you wish to receive my weekly newsletter and a reminder to watch the next video as it comes available, please fill out the contact form below.

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Emerge Video 1:

From Christian Co-Dependence to Security in God

Hard-Wired for Connection

   The first in the Emerge video series is an introduction to the secular theory of Attachment. The video includes a brief explanation of how problems in establishing attachment early in life can influence adult relationships with spouses, significant others and our children. In addition, issues with our family of origin can impact our relationship with God.